Sunday, 16 October 2016

Watercolor. Made in China.

The above is the name of a page/site I saw referred to on Facebook so investigated. It is a celebration of Chinese watercolour painting, and while I only looked at part of the photographic albums there are a considerable number to peruse and enjoy. The number of Chinese watercolour artists continues to amaze me. Yes, it is a very large country with a huge population but not much is known of these artists in the West, and they are so good. Many it appears are proteges of  the famous Guan Wexing who is better known outside China. Enjoy!  

Liu Shouxiang (b.1958)

Lin Shaoling (b.1957)

Liu Yaping (b.1954)

Wang Hsin (b.1925)

Ou Huanli

Hon Yue (b.1972)

Liu Yi (b.1958)

Lu  Zaikai (b.1957)

Jiang Yue (b.1958)

Tu Weineng

Gao Yaoming

Li Qing (b.1982)

I shall be further exploring this Facebook site and may well post more paintings in future.


Don Wood said...

Just going to look now, I had trouble believing my eyes at some of them they are so life like.

Peter Ward said...

A lot of Chinese artists - not all - do go in for very realistic paintings. Wonderful technique but i prefer a 'looser' approach. Artists like Can bei An illustrate this.

Painting in Tuscany said...

I agree, but they're very beautiful. I think Liu yi manages to paint realism with a looser touch.

Peter Ward said...

Quite true. There are some who paint in a 'loose' style.