Monday, 9 May 2016

The Green Man

The subject at the latest AVA session was `Greens'. This isn't beloved by many but, as is my usual method, I entered the search on Google and came up with the Jack in the Green festival at Hastings. Previously my association with Jack in the Green.was in regard to the primrose flower of the same name, due to the green ruff _ leaf like - in which sits the flower. I used to  raise them when I was hybridizing primroses. The Festival is based on an old Pagan ritual, involving Morris Dancing and is held on May Day. It was revived at Hastings a few years ago. Look it up - quite amazing what the participants get up to in terms of dress, covered with leaves and much else to give an overall green impression..

The Green Man 16" x 12" Waterford High White

I completed the drawing two days before the AVA session so was ready to start immediately and perhaps take more time over the painting. I have a tendency to rush in where others fear to tread.

What to do about the greens. Well here I simply went into my box of greens and picked out several, Sap Green and Hookers Green (Graham), Cascade Green and Apatite Green (Daniel Smith), Sap Green (Lukas) and a couple of others. They weren't all used in the actual painting but most were. I also added Cobalt Teal Blue (Daniel Smith PG50), a lovely colour with a greenish tinge that is often difficult to fit into a painting. Here it featured quite strongly. Other colours were Translucent Brown (Schminke PBr41) and Cerulean for parts of the pipe. Some Burnt Umber in the pipe as well as the Translucent Brown.The eyes were Cadmium Red Light with a little Raw Sienna and Ultramarine added for the darker areas and the iris.

I started off with the eyes then the nose followed by the mouth. I didn't do these in isolation but ventured into the areas adjacent to them. Once I'd done that I completed the green leaves around the head and painted his beard with lots of Cobalt Teal Blue as well as some green.

Brushes used were the Isabey 6201 travel brush for the main detail plus Isabel Kolinsky sables 6228 sizes 4, 6 and 8.

Overall this went well and I am happy with it as it achieved my aim of a loose interpretation which I felt caught the subject quite well.. I had a slight problem with the eyes and am still less than 100% happy even after remedial action the day after the AVA session.


Douglas Noren said...

Well done,Peter! I like the looseness and the C.Reid influences!


Elisabeth Atkinson said...

This is a great portrait, love your use of the greens combined with the reds. The eyes look fine to me; one can sometimes get a bit too stuck on one perceived fault when overall it probably wouldn't matter too much, as better painting passages can disguise and distract from it.

Jan Weeks said...

Excellent painting, the eyes look fine to me as it is all about the character you have captured, not just one element of it.

Peter Ward said...

Thank you Elizabeth, Douglas and Jan.