Wednesday, 16 March 2016


This was the latest subject at my AVA group `Water'. As I've explained before we are allowed considerable licence in our interpretation of the subject.

16" x 12" Centenaire 140lb not

I don't find `water' an inspiring subject but combined with waterfowl or ducks! I made the drawing the day prior to the meeting as this gives me more time to contemplate my approach on the day. I can concentrate just on the application of paint.

The duck colours are Raw Umber and Burnt Umber in various dilutions. A little black and some Quinacridone Gold (DS PO49). The blues are Cerulean, Turquoise (Lukas PB16) and Ultramarine Blue. At the end when dry I also added some acrylic white (Vallejo). If any masking fluid is called for I use the Pebeo Drawing gum. I once criticized this product because it is lethal if you get it on your clothes. However all masking fluid is similar and Jacksons now sell a product for cleaning it off clothes and such like.

Brushes used were the Isabey retractables and sizes 4 and 6 Kolinsky, together with the Da Vinci Mop Size 2.


HanaB said...

Peter! This is fabulous. I meant to write earlier and think the comment didn't make it out for some reason; I haven't caught up with your blog for about six months, and your work has really made a change in that time -- its clear to see! There is more focus to your paintings, not sure how to describe it, but hope you are happy with your progress, because you have definitely made progress! Awesome!!

Elisabeth Atkinson said...

Love your duck painting, and the little easel for the iPad support looks a good idea!

Polly Birchall said...

Your treatment of the water is beautiful, combined with the duck. Thanks for sharing your colours and the tip about the masking fluid cleaner

Peter Ward said...

Thanks HannaB. Not sure about progress more like trying to prevent the rot setting in!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Elisabeth and Polly.