Thursday, 24 March 2016

Latest Paintings

This first one was the result of the subject `Sunshine and Shadows' at my last AVA session. I know I stretch the subject but this is allowed and I like painting offbeat subjects. I've no idea what to caption this painting!.

16" x 12" Waterford 140lb Not 

The idea is that sunlight is being caught in strips across the cats face. The lines should really be straighter from the actual reference.

WOLF - Apsaroke 1908 
16" x 12" Centenaire 140lb Not

Actually not a great resemblance. I'm getting some of these subjects from a book on Edward Curtis and many photos are quite small.I did this quite quickly in the time I had left at my AVA session. Probably foolishly I posted it on my `Portraits' group on Facebook to get the comment `this is a waste of paper'! probably right. I'm now working on another which (I hope) will be much better.


Kellie Chasse said...

I certainly enjoy your Off Beat style lol! Love the looseness Peter!

Peter Ward said...
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Peter Ward said...

Thanks for commenting Kellie

ann @ studiohyde said...

Lovely paintings Peter.. can I ask something about the artists you refer to sometimes and whom you feel influences your art. I see tones of Charles Reid, but just wondered if there is one artist in particular that you emulate whilst keeping your own style too.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Ann. My main influences have been Charles Reid and Judy Whitton. I've done roughly five workshops with each. Judy herself was influenced by Charles Reid and was on two CR workshops I attended, one in Catalonia. I'm not slavish and in Cr's case particularly like his portraits and still lifes including flowers.Judy is primarily a plein air painter. In recent years I've been very attracted to the Dutch artist Gerard Hendriks, whose animal and bird paintings I love. He's also such a nice and generous man. They are plenty of others and I think you can be influenced in two ways - consciously with the artists I've mentioned and others who affect you subconsciously. Does this make sense? The list of artists I like is endless.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Thanks for answering my question Peter. It's nice to know about different artists. Like yourself, I too have a list of inspiring artists whose influence creeps into my work. Some I come back to, especially when a particular subject seems to call for a style. On that subject, I have just done a sketch from our recent trip to Arundel, and it seemed to shout 'Wesson' to me, so I went with it.

Really enjoy your blog and following along with your AVA group....ann.