Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Watercolour Paintings (7)

Here are more paintings to study and for enjoyment, even though all may not appeal - different styles for different tastes! I know some of these artists but not all. If there are any errors regarding spelling or anything else please feel free to correct me.

Gerard Hendriks - I'm a big fan of Gerard as you know. Loose and full of life!

Alain Bisoire

Christian Couteau

Bev Jozwiak

Burhan Ozer


Burhan Ozer

Catherine Rey

Cesc Farre

Chen Chung Wei

Another from Christian Couteau

Another from Catherine Rey - wow! Good enough to eat.

David Taylor

Girish Gujar

Jem Bowden

John W Connors

Joseph Zbukvic

Kaye Parmenter

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Ray Maclachlan said...

Another interesting selection, Peter. We have similar taste. Please keep them up.

Peter Ward said...

Glad you like them Ray.

SJS said...

Hi Peter,I found your blog while doing some research on Indanthrone Blue. Actually, I originally started out to find out how to get depth in my landscape painting, found out about the color which led me to your blog. It's been very helpful and educational. The original post of yours I landed on was from 2012 so I'm very glad to see you are still at it! Also glad to know you are a retiree whose taken up the brush and done quite well with it! That gives me hope. These examples you've posted are very helpful as studies in assisting me to achieve the goal I'm aiming for with my painting. Thanks!

Peter Ward said...

Glad you like it SJS. I'm still at it but winding down!