Saturday, 13 June 2015

Latest Portraits

These are my latest efforts painted at the AVA `unofficial' session last Thursday. One is of the actor Emily Blunt and the other unfinished one of an old  Navaho man called `Many Goats', from a photograph dated 1913.

`Emily Blunt' 16" x 12 " Arches hot pressed.

I was given a nearly full block by Jan Weeks some time ago, as she doesn't like the hot press surface. I have tried it a few times and it is okay (with reservations) for portraits, although I think I prefer a not surface. I concentrated on the eyes and the rest is just `generality'. 

`Many Goats' 16" x 12 Centenaire not

Unfinished painting of `Many Goats' an old Navaho man, the guide photo emanating from 1913. I intend to finish it  The face is full of deep lines and `craginess' which I've tried to capture. I've done this without bothering too much about the skin colour, although in the original black and white photograph it looks moderately light.

In both instances colours used were confined to various combinations of Cadmium Red Light, Ultramarine or Cerulean Blue and Raw Sienna. The Cadmium and Raw Sienna are Rowney.

Only a few brushes used, Isabey Travel brush No 6, Rosemary Travel brush No 6 - the Isabey although called a 6 is smaller and very slim compared to the Rosemary which is a more normal size 6, and the other is an Escoda travel brush No 8 or 10. All Kolinsky sables.

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