Tuesday, 17 February 2015

More Paintings (3)

Another selection of watercolour paintings of different artists and diverse subjects. Some you may like others you may not but all have merit in one form or another and include paintings from well-known and lesser
known artists. Please note regularly updated Index to blog posts see July 2014.

Stephie Butler

Bev Jozwiak

David Taylor

Lars Kruse

Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey

Mahmood Sandarian

Millind Mullick

Stan Miller

Gerda Mertens

Edward Seago

Wu Kuan-Te

Kimico Utida

I hope you have enjoyed this selection and more will follow in due course.


ann @ studiohyde said...

You are right, there are some paintings I like more than others. For example, I really like the painting by Lars Kruse,nice and loose and reminds me of Charles Reid's art. I also like paintings by the late Edward Seago. Am I right in thinking they are also like Wesson's art? or have I got that wrong. All the paintings your have posted here are wonderful though, it's just that some jump out more for me than others.....ann :-)

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Ann. Wesson was heavily influenced by Seago but I don't think he was nearly as good an artist.

Ray Maclachlan said...

I really enjoy these selections from you, Peter. Such a variety! Well done.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for kind comments Ray. Makes it all worthwhile.

Yvonne Harry said...

Thanks for taking the time to research these artists. I always really enjoy your 'galleries'

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Yvonne.