Friday, 23 May 2014

Stormy Day

This was the penultimate session before the official programme ends. I won't be able to attend next week  so this was my final one. During the summer the hall remains available and members do their own thing. If conditions are suitable several of us may paint en plein air, as the hall is in the centre of the old Saltford village and very close to the river, so subjects are plentiful. Actually attendances last year were slightly higher than during the official programme! Unfortunately I can't recall all of the artists names. I apologize for this as I know it is remiss of me but it is difficult at the end of the session to note all of them and then tie them to a particular painting. I do my best! 


Yvonne Harry

Jo McKenna

Jan Weeks

Peter Ward

Pauline Vowles




ann @ studiohyde said...

Names or not, they are all lovely paintings. Thanks for sharing these paintings and your art sessions Peter, it is lovely to see how others work especially as a group.

Peter Ward said...

Nice to hear from you Ann and thanks for comments.