Friday, 7 March 2014

Latest Birds

The following are the latest birds I've painted for the `Paint Colorful Birds for Fun' community on Facebook. They are basically cameos completed in a short time so I'm not suggesting they are good. Excellent practice though for the serious stuff. I usually paint them on odd bits of paper, sometimes the reverse of failed or discarded paintings.

 Green-headed Tanager


The colours here are mostly Ivory Black and Turquoise (Lukas). Probably too much Turquoise, especially on the lower right bird. It works better on the others but I think I should have introduced some Ultramarine Violet or purple. 

Saffron Toucanet

This is only interesting in that I painted it on a smallish piece of 600gsm Hahnemuhle Andalucia - the paper Gerard Hendriks uses - given me by Yvonne Harry. I first applied small touches of masking fluid, let it dry then painted. That was my first mistake. The fluid sunk into the paper and wouldn't come off. It didn't seem to take the paint well either yet Gerard produces the most amazing paintings using this paper exclusively. The hand that wields the brush..... 


Oscar Solis said...

These are nice pieces.

Regarding the comment the hand that uses...I've been there myself. I have about 100 plus nibs of a sort used by a very famous comic book artist. While I didn't expect to magically draw like him (that would be a foolish expectation and I also don't draw like him) I did expect to enjoy using it. Oddly, I did at first but now it's become a slog. So I've set those aside in favor of a nib I picked up at a yard sale, buying the box of them on a lark (I paid 2 dollars for 120). It's become my "go to" nib. Funny how those things work out. As an aside, the nib, unfortunately, hasn't been made for decades so I must horde it.

Is there a possibility you'll try the paper again if it becomes available to you?

Jayelle said...

Thank you, and very nice birds you have there, Peter. The first painting is lovely and your selective use of greens has definitely paid off here and your Rooks are plain awesome! I also use the reverse side of failed paintings and it's a great idea. On the subject of paper, have you tried Moulin de Larroque paper, Peter? I'm certain I never saw paper till I saw theirs. Thank you again for sharing your birds!

Peter Ward said...

Keep taking the nibs Oscar! (Grin) . As for the paper the answer is no! One reason is cost as being 300lb (600gsm) it is expensive. I also found it hard to work on although this is the standard paper used by Gerard Hendriks. Yvonne Harry reckons it's good for texture but still much prefers Fabriano. I am going to try Cornwall a 210lb paper from the German firm Hannemuhle.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for commenting Jayelle. I've a vague idea I've heard of Moulin de Larroque paper but it isn't available from any of the major UK art suppliers. I'll make some enquiries.