Sunday, 22 December 2013

Birds in Watercolour

As regular visitors will know I like painting birds. The following are a collection of paintings I like but once again are impressionistic rather than photo realistic. I'm not about to get into the argument about photorealism - each to his own.

Abigail Larson

Dean Crouser

Peter Nilsson

Robin Berry

Vickie Nelson

Gerard Hendriks

Peter Williams

Morten E Solberg Snr

Jean Haines

Susan Crouch

Sarah Yeoman

Lars Kruse

Bev Jozwiak

Gerard Hendriks

Cemal Selimgl

Of the above artists Gerard Hendriks, Robin Berry, Morten E Solberg Snr, Bev Jozwiak, Jean Haines and Lars Kruse are the ones I know most about. I'm not a great fan of Jean Haines, despite her being flavour of the moment. When I look at paintings like the example above I am reminded of the story of the King with no clothes. I'm a big fan of Gerard and Bev Jozwiak and also think Morten E Solberg Snr is terrific. The others, whom I know little about, are also excellent although I realise this is a matter of personal taste. What I would suggest is that they are not looked at solely as paintings of birds, but the use of colour and various other techniques, and whether the various approaches can be applied to other subjects. If I've misspelt any of the artists names I do apologize to them. Many of the above appear on Facebook, which is a treasure trove of paintings of all types.


ann @ studiohyde said...

I like all these paintings Peter, what excellent work...although I do have to agree with you about Jean Haines! Although I can see it is a kingfisher, I personally think more detail is needed, but hey that's just my humble opinion (at least I could see it was a kingfisher, sometimes I can't make head nor tail of her work, takes me ages to see what it is meant to be)!!!

Judy said...

What a fabulous collection of bird paintings, Peter! My favourite is the top one, but all are very inspiring. I agree with you and Ann about JH.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Ann. I'm not alone in my views about JH but she does have a large following Still you can......

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Judy. Not sure which ones I like best although Gerard Hendriks is tops for me.

Yvonne Harry said...

Some really lovely paintings Peter. Thank you

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Yvonne. It's fascinating to see how so many different artists do things differently.

Mick Carney said...

Another super selection Peter, thanks.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Mick.

David Meldrum said...

Have you seen Karl MÃ¥rtens work? He's a Swedish/American with an interesting approach to watercolouring birds.

You can see his techique on the following YouTube video, it's in Swedish, but worth watching, especially towards the end of the film.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great selection of inspiring pictures. I am totally in agreement about JH's work and it shows in this group how weak her work is compared to the other artists here. I love Karl Marten's work too.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks David and `anonymous' (I don't normally accept `anonymous' comments) I apologize for not acknowledging your comments before now.