Wednesday, 2 October 2013

New Colours from Daniel Smith

Jacksons are now stocking three more Daniel Smith watercolours. They are Neutral Tint, Mayan Orange and Quinacridone Purple. I'd already obtained Quinacridone Purple from the SAA a few months ago. While Daniel Smith make excellent watercolours price is an issue. Apart from the unique ones they offer I would suggest that some of the standard colours, in quite acceptable quality, can be obtained from others at lower prices. I am referring specifically to the UK as DS seem to have regular special offers in America. Daniel Smith make superb watercolours but prices are of the eye watering variety. A friend of mine recently ordered four 15ml tubes and they were over £50!


Caroline Alexander said...

I'm in Australia and buy my "specials" on watercolours from the UK because its so much cheaper, even paying international postage! It wouldn't be so bad if US vendors used USPS to send parcels, but they tend to prefer Fed Ex and other very expensive services so that a single tube can cost well in excess of GBP20 for postage! Our internal postage is much higher than your international rate too. And since prices of art supplies have at least doubled by the time they get out here, there is no possible reason for buying local.
I have to wonder who it is who thinks we are happy to be held to ransom just because of where we live. International freight is simply not that expensive!

Peter Ward said...

Welcome Caroline. My friend John makes similar complaints to yours. When buying from the UK - Jacksons, Bromley - the 20% VAT we pay is deducted for countries outside the EU, and they charge at cost so it is well worth checking their prices.