Friday, 18 October 2013


Not the most inspiring, `Glassware' was the subject at Thursdays AVA session. I missed last week so was determined to go even though the subject leaves me cold. 

There were eleven or twelve members present who produced 13 paintings. I seemed to finish very quickly and the result typifies this rush and the fact I'd done no preparatory work. For a subject I picked the following which was off to the right side and front of where I sit. 

Partially finished

Basically I did a pencil drawing then painted using a very limited number of colours. Green for the left hand jug and mixed greys for the one on the right. I put some red into the background of the green jug as a compliment to the green.

Robert Heal

Myra Abbot

Jo McKenna

Cath Wilkins

Yvonne Harry - a work in progress

Brenda Parsons

They certainly aren't the best set of paintings I've seen from my group by any means but it is a tough subject. Next week the it is an `Autumn Still Life'. That sounds more interesting.


Mick Carney said...

Brave bunch. The thought of it frightens me and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that some bold attempts were made. Must have been a great learning experience, particularly with lots of people to bounce ideas with. Did you not finish yours, Peter?

Peter Ward said...

Yes I did Mick but it was rubbish.

Jeff said...

Hi peter. I just discovered your blog, it is wonderful. Keep up the good work,

Peter Ward said...

Welcome Jeff and thanks for comments.