Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Watercolourfanatic is back!

Well almost. The trauma of moving and the vast number of  issues to be dealt with, when moving into a new property, means I won't be back to normality for a while. One major problem is sorting out my `new' studio, formerly a bedroom and somewhat smaller than my previous abode. While it has some good cupboard space it also has a `plinth' which will have to be removed. You would have to see it to really understand what I am on about but essentially it is a wooden structure the size of a single bed, intended to have a mattress put on it. Weird. What has he moved into you might well be thinking. It is a three story town house, part of a development that originally won an award some thirty plus years ago.It will be a while before normality returns. The wife chose it as we are downsizing from out previous home.

Dismantling the plinth.

Enough of that!. Having painted very little in the last two months I determined to go to Avon Valley Artists last Thursday. I managed to find paints, paper and brushes amongst the heaps of art and associated materials and off I went. The subject this session was a `mysterious' animal. This turned out to be a Tiger with two different photographs provided by Yvonne. I chose the side view.

The Photograph is by Stefan Wisterand.

`Big Cat, A3 Waterford Rough 140gsm.

I first made an accurate but not over detailed drawing using a Pentel 07 2B mechanical pencil. Then started painting commencing with the eyes and the area around them. Colours included Cobalt Teal Blue (Daniel Smith PG50), Ivory Black (Maimeri), Quinacridone Burnt Orange (Daniel Smith), Gold Ochre (W & N) and a few others. Brushes were my usual Escoda and Isabey retractables. Initially the Isabey No 6 and there after mostly the Escoda No 10. I was quite pleased with this, my first effort for a while, but viewing it in the last few days I'm not so sure. Maybe I've overworked a little.

There were thirteen present and above are the paintings produced.


Oscar Solis said...

Peter, regarding the tiger: It is a beautiful piece of work. I think that's the best way to describe it. I could imagine more paintings like this.

Keep up the good work.


Oscar Solis said...

One more bit: It is definitely not overworked. You did good. Don't doubt yourself on this one, please. Just my two cents.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for encouraging comments Oscar. All the best.

Yvonne Harry said...

Even though I say it myself, I think we produced a pretty good bunch of paintings, and yours is lovely. Have you read about the exhibition at the Bristol Guild Hall Art Gallery. You might enjoy it. I am going tomorrow.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Yvonne. I agree they were an excellent set.

L.W.Roth, said...

Paintings look great, all of them. A plinth, under a box spring and mattress,in our part of the country is called a platform. A plinth is the recessed base of base cabinets, sometimes referred to as a toe kick. Happy move in. Those times are hectic, but exciting. I love your use of blue in your tiger.

Peter Ward said...

Hi Linda. Nice to hear from you. I suppose platform would describe it better. It has a head board (to be removed) and you plonk a mattress on it. Not in my case as it's all being ripped out. When this is done and the damage repaired, floor, walls etc, I'll have a painting `studio'. The main blue is Cobalt Teal Blue a fabulous colour.