Friday, 2 August 2013

Avon Valley Artists

This week the Thursday session took place, after last weeks abortive attempt, and sixteen members took part. This is informal with everyone `doing there own thing' rather than a fixed subject. Some prefer this but in the discussion that took place afterwards, the consensus seemed to be that the majority favoured a  programme with defined subjects. We may not like some of the subjects but it does make you exit your comfort zone.

Even the seating is informal!

Yvonne Harry at work. This coming week sees the annual exhibition of Yvonne and Jan Weeks at the famous Wells Cathedral - some 130 paintings on show.

The finished work

Jan Weeks at work.

The painting at bottom left is by Pat Walker, while that at bottom right is by Pauline Vowles. 

This was mine which was done for the `Paint Colorful Birds for Fun' page on Facebook, the subject being the Barn Swallow. Struggling as I have been recently to do any painting it was a difficult subject and I didn't do it justice -it's another one for the recycle bin -  but at least I got some paint onto the paper.


Ray Maclachlan said...

A very light-hearted busy painting, Peter. Looks like lots of fun to me.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for commenting Ray. It was fun but the guide photo was very `burnt umber' coloured and I should have used more arbitrary colour (amongst other things!).