Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Welcome to 2013

A Happy New Year to everyone who visits this blog (and everyone else). I have been thinking about what to do this year and will be posting some items in the next week or so. The blog has been going for three years and eventually will  reach its sell by date. As long as interest remains I plan to continue for a year or two. Naturally `events' might alter this  and we hope to relocate within the next twelve months, only locally, as the years are fast advancing and a smaller property beckons. If that occurs it shouldn't be a major problem but might cause some temporary dislocation. The blog has achieved 10000 page reads in both November and December, which isn't a true indication of visitors but must indicate numbers are substantial, so some things I do are of interest, although I'm sure curiosity plays a part. 

Father and Son 18" x 12" Fabriano Artistico Extra White 140lb (300gsm) Not

This is the third and final version of this subject, two water buffalo that I assumed are indeed father and son. I concentrated on the faces and the rest is just window dressing. Colours used were mainly, Quinacridone Gold (Daniel Smith PO48), Quinacridone Rust (Graham PO48), Gold Ochre (W & N PY43), Cerulean, Raw Umber and Burnt Umber. I think that's it. By final I mean I'm finished with it not that it's definitive! Apart from the faces colours mainly mixed on the paper. I also added touches of white gouache and acrylic when at the end and thoroughly dry. It was completed over several days while I pondered what to do next.

 December/January  Subject

Regular followers will know Mick Carney www.thepaintingstruggle.blogspot.com/  and I have a monthly `challenge', where on alternative months we pick a subject to paint. It was decided, because of the Xmas period to increase this to two months and Mick picked the above photograph, I suspect taken on his last trip to the USA - Monument Valley possibly?. Never mind his painting struggle, I'm struggling as to how to tackle it.  I keep looking but so far no shaft of inspiration has occurred. I don't want to do a copy but  have only managed a basic drawing, leaving lots of flexibility. I thought this might be of interest as a number of posters have expressed curiosity about the process from start to finish. 

Finally the painting by Gerard Hendriks of my grandaughter Evie is at the framers so I should have it soon. When it appears I will undoubtedly post a photograph of it, probably held by proud grandad.


Judy said...

Happy New Year, Peter!

Peter Ward said...

And the same to you Judy!

Laura Moore said...

Fabulous piece Peter. Happy New Year.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Laura and the same to you.

Ray Maclachlan said...

Excellent composition Peter, you've nailed it. Use the same thinking and you will handle the challenge, no problem.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Ray and all best wishes for 2013.