Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Translucent Orange (PO71) & Translucent Brown (PBr41).

I have already done a piece about the Schminke Translucent Orange and the paint has been a great hit with Jan and Yvonne of Avon Valley Artists and I agree with them. We owe this to Jean Haines most recent book where she lauded it as a `must have' colour and I subsequently bought some, gave `dabs' to Yvonne and Jan and off we went! They have both now purchased this colour.

The Schminke is on the left with Lukas in the centre. Translucent Brown, of which more later, is on the right.   On these two orange swatches the Lukas appears paler and more orange than the Schminke colour. This may be my faulty mixing because if you look at the swatch in the previous post on Lukas you will note it is much more like the Schminke shade. Schminke (via Great Art) is £8.24p for 15 ml while Lukas is £6.25p for 24 ml. Quite a difference. It will take a while to properly evaluate these colours  and if I find anything interesting - good or bad - I will report.

Now I come to Translucent Brown. Schminke have three colours they call `Translucent'. They are the orange above, Translucent Yellow (PY150) and Translucent Brown (PBr41). Rui reported that he had evaluated the yellow and found it excellent but had not yet came to a decision on the brown. I have PY150 as Azo Yellow made by Graham which I haven't really tried much as yet. PY150 is one of the newer pigments that is gradually appearing in all the major lines. Until recently at least Schminke are the only source of PBr41.


Bridget said...

What is the difference between translucent and transparent? I really like the orange.

Peter Ward said...

Translucent means semi-transparent Bridget. Transparent just that.

Yvonne Harry said...

I have just done as careful a swatch comparison of the two oranges as possible, and my observation, for what its worth is that the Lukas orange is slightly more pure orange than the schminke which seems to have a bit more of a rust/terracotta feel to it. The differences are very slight, but if I could only have one I would chose the Schminke.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Yvonne.I agree the Schminke seems slightly redder but it is slight, and the Lukas is considerably cheaper.

Rui said...

Hi Peter,

Great comments from you and Yvonne on these beautiful pigments.

Schmincke translucent yellow and orange are now on my palette but I have not taken translucent brown on board (yet).

Other pigment manufacturer I have been playing with on this sort of colour range is Kremer Pigmente, specifically:

1.Translucent Yellow Light, PY42 which I have not seen yet

2. Translucent Yellow, PY42, which is really nice and the picture in shows more or less what it looks like:

3. Translucent Orange, Py42 and Pr101, also a lovely orange:

4. Translucent Orange-Red, PR101, just gorgeous:

5. Translucent Red medium, PR101, although nice I prefer the Orange-Red due to its vibrancy:

Just like all the iron oxide paints are they very well rated to lightfastness.

Kind regards,


Peter Ward said...

Thanks again Rui. I don't have Translucent Yellow but do have the Graham Azo Yellow which is the same pigment. After all Translucent just means Transparent! Sounds better though.
I don't think we can get Kremer over here although I've heard of them through Handprint. I assume it's the same outfit.