Friday, 16 November 2012

Mystery Animal

This was the subject title at Avon Valley Artists Thursday session yesterday. Subject matter would be provided and turned out to be a wide variety of tropical fish, many colours, shapes and sizes.  From the numerous photographs we were asked to select  one or more and produce a painting 

There was a good attendance with 19 members present and everyone was soon hard at work. In my case I selected three photographs of  individual fish and first made a rough drawing on cartridge paper to see how they should be arranged. It should be emphasized that it was a case of getting on with it as we didn't know beforehand - which we usually do - what we were being asked to paint so had to jump straight into the water!

This was my effort and you can see the three photographs on the left of the painting which  is about two thirds of the way through. I should add this has all to be completed in a two hour period which includes a refreshment break, although this is taken  individually, rather than as a group. After the initial rough drawing I began in earnest and made an accurate drawing of the three fish placing them in a roughly triangular arrangement. I then began painting starting with the red fish near the centre, then the one on the right and finally the one on the top left, simultaneously painting the background to try and avoid them looking pasted on.

 Three Friends 16" x 12" Waterford 140lb (300gsm) Not.

The subject lent itself to a very colourist approach with the range of colours in the fish. I used quite a few colours, five blues, Cerulean, Cyan Blue (Maimeri PB15:3), Prussian (Graham PB27), Cobalt Teal Blue (DS PG50) plus a touch of Cobalt. Reds were Cadmium Red Pale, Quinacridone Rose (Graham PV19), Quinacridone Coral (DS PR209), Quinacridone Fuschia (Daniel Smith PR202) and Perylene Maroon (Graham PR179). I also used Moonglow (Daniel Smith PG18, PB29, PR177) for the fish on the right. I usually avoid three mix pigments but in this instance made an exception. Colours in the background were mainly Viridian, Prussian and Cyan Blue, Sap Green and Green-Gold. The brushes used were the DaVinci 44 Artissimo No2, Isabey 6228 No6 and a sable No4. I mostly used the Da Vinci Artissimo. This is a subject I've never done before and I enjoyed the challenge. Too many colours?

Robert Heal

Myra Abbot

Jo McKenna

Kath Wilkins

Yvonne Harry

Pat Walker

I have omitted some names as I'm not sure of the provenance of all the paintings. but you can see they were a very colourful array.Next week the subject is `shiny metal objects' (!)


Mick Carney said...

Lots of interest in the fish but the lack of soft edges between them and the background make them look pasted on. The background doesn't work for me, the blue at the centre seems at odds with the more subtle things going on around it.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Mick. You don't like it then. Back to the drawing board?r

Ray Maclachlan said...

What a delightful collection of paintings Peter. I rather like your effort, sorry Mick, but feel a more structured background would help.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Ray. I do feel Mick was being a little harsh. I'm aware it is flawed but as Charles Reid says mistakes are part of it. I'm not making excuses(well yes I am!)but due to lack of time and the need to finish it I pressed ahead - less haste perhaps?

artist said...

I loved all of the fish painting that your group has done - they are one of my favorite subjects, even though I don't live near an ocean or a lake. Oh well, paint what you know makes for a very dull life.

I love all of the colors that you've used in your piece. And I don't feel as if you've used too many colors.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Delilah. They are certainly a colourful group and I like colour. Having got the bug I may do some more as this is the first fish painting I've ever done.