Monday, 2 July 2012

More on the Prischedkos

The amount of interest in the two pieces I did on Viktoria and Slawa Prischedko has been considerable and they are amongst the top posts in terms of page reads. The Moulin de Perrot Academy of Fine Arts  is once again hosting both Viktoria and Slawa for a workshop entitled `Watercolor: shadows and light in watercolor' between July 29 and August 3rd. They are previouly teaching at Atelier-artimage, Dustal, France between July 15 - 21 with the same workshop title. On the Atelier site are two splendid galleries of their paintings  Unfortunately, like their website, you cannot download the paintings as some sort of block is in place.  The Prischedkos gallery is

 Slawa in centre with Viktoria next to him.

Viktoria will teach landscapes outside and in the studio and Slawa portraiture in the studio. Interestingly Viktorias class is in French with simultaneous translation into English. Slawas is in German with translation into French and English. Viktoria was born in Moravia and Slawa the Ukraine. Both are graduates of the Art Academy of Kiev. Slawa has his own teaching academy and both have featured in many exhibitions and belong to several art organisations. They are considered two of the leading watercolour artists, although previously little known outside Europe.

Moulin de Perrot list the materials Viktoria uses which I will detail again. For paper she uses Hahnemuhle 600g ("Moulin du Coq")  50 x 60cm. It says `this is not a regular product'(?)  Brushes are Da Vinci Nos 12, 14, 20 and 30. I presume these are the Cosmotop series and could be either the Spin round series 5580 or the Mix B round series 5530. The 5580 is a synthetic brush while the 5530 is a mixture of sable, squirrel and fitch combined with synthetic. Ken Bromley sells a heavy Hahnemuhle paper that could well be the one Viktoria uses, and Jacksons sell the Cosmotop series. Also listed are Schlepper No 6 or 8. These latter are what we know as riggers.

Despite the amazing colour effects she gets in her paintings her palette is listed as (only!) lemon yellow, green yellow, transparent orange, perylene violet, french ultramarine and indigo blue. It has previously been said that these are a mix of Schminke and `Russian', presumably St. Petersburg/White Nights. Looking at her paintings I imagine the transparent orange is the Schminke colour that Jean Haines is ecstatic about in her latest book. The pigment (PO71 pyrrole orange) was until recently unique to Schminke, but Lukas are now offering a Permanent Orange which is the same pigment. Schminke is available from Jacksons and Lukas Great Art  and Lawrence

 The portraits are all by Slawa although I wonder if this one might be by Viktoria? It looks like her signature.

Slawas tecnique is different to Viktorias. Apparently he doesn't do any preliminary drawing for his portraits and, unlike Viktoria, paints in layers. I cannot find any information about his materials. I assume they may be different but who knows? They are both fabulous artists and it is a pity neither appear to have written any books nor made videos. can we live in hope?


James Kissel said...


It's silly for the designers of the Prischedko's website to disable the right mouse button to 'prevent' you downloading an image from their website. By the time you have left mouse clicked on it to see the larger image, your browser has a copy in it cache. You just need to fish around in it to find the file you want.

First I clear my browsers cache and then click on the image to view the larger version. This minimises the number of files in the browsers cache and makes it easier to locate the one you are interested in. When you find it, just copy it somewhere safe and rename with a '.JPG' sufix. I can give you details as to how if you are using Linux. Enjoy...

Peter Ward said...

Thanks James. I've learned something. I don't use Linux just the usual Internet Explorer 9. I'll have a shot at doing this. Not many people do this fortunately.

Sharon Whitley said...

thank you for the information on these superb artists, I'd never come across them before - they're fabulous

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for commenting Sharon. They are terrific aren't they. Viktoria may not be to everyone's taste as she epitomizes the new movement of `realistic abstracts' but such colour! As for Slawa his portraits are wonderful.

martha said...

he makes no preliminary drawings ?
oh my god
I wish he came to London for a workshop :(

Peter Ward said...

Hello Martha. Unfortunately if you want to study with him you'll have to go to France or some other European venues.

Andrea Wollny, Germany said...

I am a student of Slawa´s academy and I know him and his wife Victoria since many years.
Indeed Slawa makes preliminary drawings (he is also a fantastic drawer), but sometimes you can´t see them on his colourful paintings.
Beeing one of his students is really a pleasure. He has the capability picking up everybody where he stands and helping him drawing or painting a satisfying picture.
And Peter, you are right, the yellow/orange portrait was made by Victoria.

Peter Ward said...

Welcome Andrea. You are very lucky. He is a wonderful artist, as is Viktoria.

Melusine Leigh said...

Hi Peter
I am not sure of the protocol of commenting on such an old post, but here goes.(It shows that your archive is read and appreciated. ) I am a great fan of the Russian way with wet on wet and have learnt a lot from them. I paint on Hahnemuhle Leonardo paper using a mix of Schminke and White Nights too.
As this coincidence surprised and cheered me I wondered about brushes. I personally use the da vinci series 1351 which are designers flat brushes that are shorter than a one stroke and work really well with painting wet into wet. They are made of ox-hair but are not cheap-a 20 and a 10 cost nearly £50 last year - but work brilliantly at mixing heavy loads of pigments on the paper.

Happy painting

Peter Ward said...

I don't have a protocol except - no anonymous posts and no abuse of any kind. You can comment on anything you like to do with the blog. I believe Viktoria uses Da Vinci Cosmotop 5530 mixed hair brushes (amongst others).