Friday, 22 June 2012

The Artist - Summer 2012 Volume 127 No.8

I already have a June (Vol.127 No.6) and July (Vol. 127 No.7) issue of this magazine and lo and behold another arrived this week described as `Summer 2012'. When will the next arrive?

8" x 111/2" approx. 66 pages £3.70 (cheaper if you subscribe)

This latest edition  has quite a lot to interest the watercolour artist. There are articles by Jeremy Houghton (Putting watercolour through its paces), Ian Sidaway (Rock of Ages), Geoffrey Gwynne 's on the spot watercolours, Jake Winkle's latest 7/8 Wildlife in Watercolour, Greys, brown and neutrals by Soraya French and Barry Hernimans `Views from the River Wye'. Something to interest most even if the artists in question aren't all necessarily amongst your favourites.

In addition there are reviews of the new Sennelier Acquarelle range and Da Vinci Maestro brushes with several other items, making 18 separate topics in all. The artist Trevor Waugh reviews the Sennelier range. Trevor has been promoting Sennelier for a while and indeed features in the launch literature. When I took some workshops with him several years ago he was using  and recommending Daler Rowney  paints which another particpant, who knew him well, said were supplied at very favourable terms. This same person also said he was very professional in his approach and wouldn't give his approval unless he thought it  merited. This undoubtedly applies to his endorsement of Sennelier. The American Bruce McEvoy of the amazing Handprint site has never been very complimentary about the European makes of watercolour despite the long pedigree most have. This includes Sennelier, although he was writing about the old range now discontinued. Sadly Bruce no longer updates the information so frequently so a view from a well-regarded professional like Trevor carries weight. Personally I think all the main artists quality makes are good to excellent and apart from personal preferences, which do often apply, are unlikely to disappoint. Where a problem arises are those small number of makes that are promoted and sold as `artists quality' at much lower prices. 

The Da Vinci Maestro brushes are amongst those I use and indeed I have several that are still brand new. Paul Talbot Greaves, an SAA  artist, gives them a thorough trial and  very good review as one would expect from this German company, who have been selling them since 1952 and have acquired a world-wide reputation. Made from Tobolsky kolinsky they are expensive but much less so than the Winsor and Newton series 7.

All in all a good issue for the watercolour artist from this excellent magazine apart from one complaint I have. Why so little on good foreign artists like Viktoria and Slawa Prischedko, Piet Lap, Fealing Lin, Bev Jozwiak plus many others including the myriad of great artists, unknown to most of us, in Asia and Eastern Europe?  


Rui said...

Hi Peter,

Great review of the Artist's magazine latest issue.

I was also surprised when I saw it this afternoon on the shelves of book shop.

Lately I have also been enjoying this magazine due to the extra emphasis they are putting on the practical aspects of painting including watercolour.

When the time comes to replace my sable brushes I'll definitely look at the Da Vinci Maestro offering.

Kind regards,


Peter Ward said...

Thanks Rui. Charles Reids favourite brushes are the Maestro series 35 although they have a different number in the USA.

artist said...

My favorite brush is the Maestro series 11. I do own four series 35 but find the tips too soft for my type of work.

I didn't know that in America the numbers assigned to brushes were different.

I buy my DaVinci brushes online at

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for commenting artist. There is some variation in the numbers assigned to DaVinci brushes in different markets, why they do this I don't know.

Polly said...

Hi Peter,

Love your Blog though I'm usually a lurker. Found it through Wetcanvas :-D

I am waiting for the Results of the Sennelier 2011 Competition to be published in either the Artist or Leisure painter and wondered if you had noticed them in your copies? It's difficult for me to check every issue as we don't live near a stockist. All I know is that they will be published in one or the other :(

Thanks in advance, and keep blogging!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Polly. I haven't noticed anything in The Artist yet so I don't think the results have been published.

Polly said...

Thank you so much for your reply Peter, it's very kind of you to take the time.

I'll just have to keep looking and checking. It's very frustrating as they don't seem to give any info on when the results will be published. I'm interested to see what the winning picture was. Both OH and myself were runners up (there must have been hundreds LOL )

Peter Ward said...

Well done. I'm sure something will appear soon.