Friday, 16 September 2011

Still Life

With only four weeks to go to my Charles Reid course in Cornwall I am stepping up the (practice) painting and also intend to view several of his videos again. This was an attempt at a still life with a mixture of fruit, my favourite milk jug and a coffee mug.

Fruit and Things

Initial Drawing

Fruit and Things

My wife says the fruit is too much in line and the apple on the right should have been brought forward. I'm sure this is so but, as CR says, `mistakes are part of it'. 

Colours on the jug were a mixture of Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue Deep (Rowney PB72)and some diluted Permanent Mauve (Rowney PV23). The mug was similar but more so. The orange is Cadmium Orange (Maimeri PO20) and Raw Umber. The apples a mixture of Permanent Carmine (W & N), Cadmium Yellow Light, Permanent Green (Maimeri) and? I used a red watercolour pencil to put in some texture on the apples. The peach on the left has strong mixes of  Perylene Maroon as well as Permanent Carmine and some yellow, also Burnt Umber.. The grapes a mixture of Perylene Maroon (Rowney PR179) and Quinacridone Rust (Gaham PO48) The shadows are mainly Cerulean Blue. Usual brushes with the No 6 & 9 Rosemary Series 33 Kolinsky predominating. I think it okay but nothing more than that. Comments welcome.


Mick Carney said...

I have to agree with your wife.The composition is flat which is a pity as the drawing and painting are both excellent.

Peter Ward said...

It isn't quite flat Mick -the grapes are in front- but it would have been better if I'd staggered the apples. I'll try harder next time!

hap said...

or you could swap out one of those apples for a pear! I quite liked this one, compositional elements aside it's quite well done!

Peter Ward said...

Hi Hap. Damned with faint praise! I'll have to try harder. Still working on those Amerindian skin colours!